Introduction of AZS-550 Centrifugal Wood Pellet Mill

AZS-550 Centrifugal Biomass fuel pellet machine, as the best biomass pellets making machine, is a preferred pelletizing equipment in biomass energy industry. This high-efficient wood pellet machine has unique structure with two ring dies, and the rollers are made of wearable alloy steel. Featured with reliable structure, lower energy consumption, higher output, and long lifespan, AZS-550 is up to the international advanced level and it is welcomed by the majority of biomass fuel pellets makers.


Raw Materials Processed by Centrifugal Fuel Pellet Machine

Due to its double vertical ring dies, this high-efficient centrifugal biomass pellet mill is suitable for processing the raw materials which are difficult to bond and shape. These raw materials include agricultural wastes like rice husks, sunflower seeds hulls, peanut shells, crop stalks and straws, etc.; as well as wood residues such as branches, tree trunks, barks, sawdust, wood chips, wood shavings and so on; and chemical materials, like rubber, cement, and ash, etc.

Advantages of AZS-550 Centrifugal Fuel Pellet Machinedural_layer_ring_die

1. The pellet mill performs well and it produces pellets with good quality, since the raw materials are fed vertically and they are centrifugal and evenly distributed.

2. Two ring dies are set vertically and the raw material is fed vertically too, so there is no arching of material and heat radiation is easy.

3. These two ring dies can be with the same diameter to extend the service life or with different diameter to make different sizes pellets; so cost can be saved.

4. There is automatic lubrication device, so the pellet machine runs efficiently with working 24 hours.

5. It performs stably and it is easy to be fixed.

6. It is with CE certificate.

Technical Parameters of AZS-550 Biomass Centrifugal Fuel Pellet Machine

Power (kw)
Pellet size
Dimension (mm)
Gross Weight

Parameters of Biomass Fuel Pellets Made by AZS-550 Centrifugal Fuel Pellet Machine

Calorific value
Combustion ratio
Heat efficiency
Ringelman Emittance
Discharged dust consistence
Ash content