Introduction of Vertical Double Ring-Die Pellet Machine

AZS-800 is a new type roller-driven pellet machine for manufacture of wood pellets. This vertical double ring die pellet mill has the advantages of flat die pellet machine and the ring die pellet mill at the same time. And it is specially designed for making biomass pellets from various biomass materials including sawdust, wood shavings, wood chips, straw, palm wastes, bamboo shavings, peanut shells, bagasse and so on. So it is a good choice for starters who want to start biomass pellets business.


Technical Parameters of AZS-800 Wood Ring Die Pellet Mill

Power (kw)
Pellet size
Dimension (mm)
Gross Weight

Advantages of AZS-800 Vertical Ring Die Pellet Machinehome vertical pellet mill

1. Vertically feeding and the rotating rollers is able to avoid accumulation of raw material, compared to the traditional flat die pellet machine and ring die pellet machine.
2. There is cooling device in the vertical ring die pellet machine, so it is able to solve the problem of heat dissipation of traditional ring die pellet machine.
3. You needn’t worry about abrasion, since there are two sets of lubrication device.
4. The independent and frequency-changeable cutting device ensures high pelletizing rate.
5. The key parts are made of superior alloy steel with heat treatment by German vacuum furnace, so its life span is extended by 5-7 times.
6. It is with CE certificate.

Application of AZS-800 Double Ring-Die Pellet Machine

♦ AZS-800 is professionally designed for making biomass pellets, so this pellet machine is mainly used in biomass energy industry.
♦ Due to its unique structure and superior performance, this vertical ring die pellet mill can process almost all kinds of biomass materials, especially the crude fiber materials which are hard to bind and shape. Therefore it is the preferred pellet machine for starters who want to start biomass pelletizing business.
♦ Besides for making biomass pellets, this vertical ring die pelletizer is also suitable for making feed pellets with higher output than wood pellets.


Usage of Biomass Pellets

1. Biomass pellet, also called pellet fuel, can be used for home heating and cooking, since it cna be utilized efficiently and can be stored easily.
2. Biomass pellets are with higher heating value. It can be used as fuel for industrial biomass boiler and power plant to substitute coal. And it is beneficial for the environment.