Introduction of AZS-450 Vertical Ring Die Pellet Machine

AZS-450 vertical ring die pellet machine is a new type pellet press that has combined the features of both traditional ring die pellet mill and flat die pellet machine. This pellet making machine is specially designed for making biomass pellets from raw materials with crude fiber, like rice husks, peanut shells, palm fibers, etc., and it also can be used to make animal feed, organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer and bio-fertilizer at lower temperature.


Technical Parameters of AZS-450 Pellet Maker

Power (kw)
Pellet size
Dimension (mm)
Gross Weight


Features of This Vertical Ring Die Pellet Mill

1. There are four to eight rollers in this small pellet machine and the rollers are evenly arranged. So it performs well. Besides, unlike traditional flat die pellet mill, the  raw materials can be avoided  into the rollers during pelletizing.

2. Our vertical ring die pelletizing machine adopts central regulating structure. So it can process various raw materials and it can ensure good pelletizing effect at the same time.

3. Service life of dies and rollers can be ensured since they are made of first-class alloy steel.

4. We can supply molds of different diameters to realize the ideal pelletizing result for processing different raw materials.

5. Raw materials are vertical fed and they are fed uniformly without arching.

Applications of Vertial Ring Die Pellet Mill

AZS-450 vertical ring die pellet mill is a kind of pellet making machine with lower investment for feed pellet plant, wood pellet plant, fertilizer plant and timber processing plant.

How to Make Palm Fiber Pellets by AZS-450 Pellet Mill

Palm Fiber Pellets (PFP), a kind of biomass fuel with high calorific value, are made from palm cellulosic wastes like palm mesocarp fiber, empty fruit bunch, and palm kernel shells. PFP is an ideal biomass fuel for gasifier that powers steam and hot water boiler or produces gas for gas engine. PFP-powered gasifier can effortlessly replace coal, diesel, natural gas or electric boilers, giving you another option to reduce carbon and save energy cost. So if you have abundant palm fiber, it is advisable for you to make palm fiber pellets. Exactly, AZS-450 vertical ring die pellet machine is specially designed to process crude fiber materials like palm fiber.


The process of PFP production starts from crushing and drying of palm biomass, so as to bring down its moisture content to 15% from 60%. Then the dried powdery palm fiber is pelletized by the AZS-450 palm fiber pellet machine. If necessary, we can supply the hammer mill and dryer for you.The pellets fuel manufactured by AZS-450 pelletizing equipment is of cylindrical shape, with a diameter of 6mm-12mm and a maximum length of 50mm. Net calorific values of  the pellets is 18840 kj/kg or 4500kcal/kg, on par with sub-bituminous coal and high density wood pellets.