Introduction of 500kg/h Fuel Pellet Plant

500kg/h Biomass Pellets Production Line is a small pellet plant that is used to make biomass fuel pellets. Our company can supply two kinds of 500kg/h pellet line for you, namely the line without frame foundation, and the movable biomass pellets plant of which all the machines included share the same frame foundation. Since flat die pellet machine is adopted for this small biomass production plant, its price is competitive, compared to the pellet line of the same capacity which adoptes ring die pellet mill. With smaller capacity, our small pelletizing line is more and more popular among families, farms and small biomass pellets production factories.


Why This Small Pellet Plant is Suitable for You?

If you want to make pellets in a fixed place where is enough area to install the pellet line, you can choose the pellet plant without frame, the price of which is lower than the one with frame foundation. But if you want to make pellets in the open air where there is enough raw material, it is advisable to choose the pellet plant with frame foundation; due to its integrated structure design, the 500kg/h fuel pellets productio line can be moved, flexibly positioned, and easily transported (by a truck); it covers small area. So this line is the best choice for you.

Composition of This Small Biomass Pelletizing Line

Wood Hammer Mill, Electric Flat Die Wood Pellet Machine, Sawdust Pipe Dryer, Fuel Pellets Cooler, Airlock, Raw Material Silo, Conveyor and Electric Control Cabinet
(Note: If necessary, we can equip the pellets packing machine for you.)

Biomass Fuel Pelletizing Flow Chart



Technical Parameters of Main Machines

1. Small electric flat die wood pellet machine

Power: 30kw
Capacity: 450-500kg/h
Die diameter: 450mm
Pellet Size: 6-12mm
Weight: 800kg
Dimension: 1600*1000*1400mm

2. Wood hammer mill

Power: 22+4kw
Speed: 2400rpm
Capacity: 500-1000kg/h
Weight: 1500kg

3. Sawdust pipe dryer

Power: 7.5kw
Capacity: 500-700kg/h
Length: 36mm
Installation length: 11mm
This sawdust pipeline drying machine can dry the wet sawdust from the moisture content of 40-50% to 12-20% which is the pelletizing requirement for moisture content of raw material.

Raw materials suitable for our 500kg/h Fuel Pelletizing Plant

This biomass fuel pelletizing plant can process biomasss materials include agricultural residues and forestry wastes into pellet fuel. The common raw materials include wheat straws, rice straws, corn stalks, peanut shells, rice husks, sunflower husks, alfalfa, switchgrass, coconut shells, palm wastes (EFB, PKS), sugarcane bagasses, sawdust, wood chips, wood shavings, other wood residues, etc. (See more details at Make your own Pellets).



Samples  of Biomass Fuel Pellets Made by Our Small Fuel Pellet Line