Introduction of Roller Driven Pellet Mill 

This electric flat die roller driven pellet mill is designed with a rotating roller shaft structure. When the machine works, the pellet mill die is stationary and the rollers on top of the die are rotating. The squeezing force between the flat die and three rollers force the feedstock into the die hole and press them into cylinder shape. Pellets produced fell from the bottom of the flat die and are cut to uniform size by the cutting knives near the die. Then they are discharged from the pellet chute.

Technical Parameters of Pellet Making Machine

 Dia. of die mould
 Packing size
Wood pellets: 400-550
Feed pellets: 900-1100

Types of Electric Flat die  Roller Driven Pellet Mill

There are two types of electric flat die pellet mill, one is ring die pellet mill, and the other is flat die pellet mill. For flat die pellet mill, when the machine starts working, the material are fed into the pelletizing chamber and fall on the flat die, the electric motor drives the main engine via the gear box, and the main shaft drives the die to rotate. While for ring die pellet machine, the main drives the roller to rotate. The rollers roll continuously on the stationary die and compress the feedstock into the hole of the die mould. Due to the pressure and friction in the die, the material is heated to a temperature of 60-80 ℃. As a result of increasing of pressure and temperature increase, the material connects to compressed pellets and will have a high strength after cooling.



Advantages of Roller Driven Pellet Machine

1. This machine is driven by an electric motor, which is environmentally friendly and energy saving.

2. The set of three rollers design in the machine has larger capacity than the set of two rollers. The final pellets are uniform in size and high in density. The capacity for wood pellets can be 400-550kg/h.

3. Ring die pellet mill provides more compression on the raw materials, which makes it applicable to almost all biomass materials including the hard wood.

4. Gear transmission design is more efficient and can avoid the disadvantages of short service life and belt slippage in belt transmission design.

5. The electric controlling system guarantees the machine’s normal operation. Besides start and stop button, there is ampere meter and voltmeter monitoring indicator.

6. The strength and toughness of the steel for the machine shell is enhanced to assure quality.

7. There is a controlling trey near the feeding hopper that can control the feeding speed to make sure uniform feeding.

8. The spare parts, especially the flat die and rollers are made of high quality alloy steel, which is more anti abrasive than stainless steel.

9. Both size of the flat die can be used so that the service life of the die is doubled.


Start a Profitable Business with our AZSPLM 400 Pellet Mill 

Wood pellets produced by pellet machine are denser than normal wood. When burnt at high temperatures, they can produce high calorie and less CO2. The demands for wood pellets are increasing in the world. Besides used as fuel, wood pellets can also be used as animal bedding as a replacement of straw, which is absorbent and hygienic. And this pellet machine can be used to produce feed pellets as well. When used to produce feed pellets, the capacity is 900-1100 kg/h. Investing in pellet business will be a profitable choice. With one pellet machine, you can provide wood pellets to neighbors for home heating and feed pellets to animal farms. Act now, starting with AZSPLM 400 roller driven pellet mill!