How does Roller Driven Pellet Machine Make Pellets?R_type_pellet_mill

Flat die hardwood pellet mill is quite popular in small scale pellet production due to the features of simple design, wide range of application and easy operation. When you insert the plug, press the start button on the electric cabinet, the engine starts working. In the pelletizing chamber, the rollers begin rotating while the die stays stationary. Fill up the hopper with raw material and the control the feeding speed via the handle of the feeding control tray. When the material fall on the flat die due to its own gravity, the rotating roller will extrude the material into the die hole. In the die hole, material connects to be made to compressed pellets due as a result of pressure and temperature increase. Then the pellets are cut into specific length by the cutting knives. You can put a container and collect the final pellets from the discharging chute. The pellets can reach the final hardness after cooling.

Specifications  of AZSPLM 350 Hardwood Pellet Mill

 Dia. of die mould
Wood pellets  300-360
Feed pellets: 600-800


Features of Hardwood Pellet Mill Machine


1. This hardwood pellet mill is easy to operate with the electric controlling cabinet. The buttons can show the working conditions.

2. Driven by the electric engine, it can be used in any places there is electricity. And we can assemble the special motor to meet your local voltage requirements.

3. The electric engine for this machine is fully covered so pelletzing process will be more safer.

4. This pellet machine is applicable to almost all biomass materials including the hard wood.

5. The design of gear transmission makes it steady in running and low noise is created.

6. When the machine is working, you can view into the chamber and observe the pelletizing process. So if there is any problem, you can stop the machine and solve it in time.

7 The flat die we supply have 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10mm in diameter. So you have different choice for the final pellets diameter.

8. Pellet size is adjustable by adjusting the distance between the die and cutting knives.

How to Choose a Suitable Flat die Pellet Mill

From the power providing aspect, there are mainly three types of flat die pellet machine, with PTO connection pellet mill, diesel engine pellet mill and electric engine pellet mill. While from the working principle aspect, there are two types, roller rotating and flat die rotating. So what should be considered in choosing a suitable machine?


1. Power 

Pellet mill with PTO connection is usually set on a truck or a tractor. PTO means power take off. So this type is designed to draw energy from the tractor’s engine. Considering this, our PTO pellet machine is designed to be easily connected and disconnected. Pellet mill will the diesel engine is suitable for places where the diesel is available. While electric engine pellet mill is the most widespread type because it can be driven in any places where there is electricity.

2. Raw materialspto_pellet_mill

To make wood pellets, nearly all kinds of biomass wastes can be used such as saw dust, bagasse, palm kernel shell, waster paper, straw, grass, rice husk, sunflower husk, etc. If you have different kinds of raw material, they are scattered around and you happen to have a truck or a tractor, then PTO is more suitable for you.

On the other hand, comparing with die rotating type, the roller type contributes to more pressure on the raw materials during working. That is to say, roller type is applicable to more materials. Take wood wastes as an example, besides softwood like larch, pine, spruce, cedar, roller type pellet mill can also process hardwood such as oak, maple, elm, birch, etc and produce high density wood pellets. So if most of your raw materials are hardwood, AZSPLM 360 flat die pellet mill is most suitable for you.

3. Price

As PTO type do not need a diesel engine or electric engine to start, it is the cheapest among the flat die pellet machine. Roller rotating is the newly designed type and can process hardwood efficiently, so the price is higher. But if your raw materials are softwood, the die type is enough for you to make high quality wood pellets.

No matter you are looking for a PTO connection, a electric engine,a diesel engine, Azeus flat die pellet machine can always meet your requirements. You will find suitable machine on our website!