Introduction of Flat Die Pellet  Mill 

Flat die pellet mill is specially designed for small production of wood pellets. Because of the characteristics of small and light weight, low noise, low energy consumption, easy operation and maintenance, long service life and wide application, more families prefer to buy a flat die pellet mill to make pellets at home. AZSPLM300 capacity is 300-360 kg/h when producing wood pellets. If you use this machine to make animal feed pellets, the output can reach to 600-800kg/h. In the pressing chamber, there are flat die and rollers. The friction between the die and rollers make the raw materials into cylinder pellets. The electric cabinet show the working conditions. We can also design the covered cabinet if needed. You can get the raw material at no costs as nearly all kinds of biomass materials can be used, including wood wastes, argo wastes, grains and others. 

Parameters  of AZSPLM300 Electric Flat Die Pellet Mill

Flat die Dia.(mm)
Wood pellets 220-280 kg/h
Three-phase voltage
:380V 50HZ
Wood pellets 250-300kg/h
Three-phase voltage
:380V 50HZ


Highlights  of Flat Die and Rollers 

Die and rollers are the core parts to make pellets in a biomass pellet maker. We make sure superiority in quality .

Die parts:

The die part is made of high quality alloy steel. The hardness can reach 55-60HRC, highly abrasion resistant. There are many holes in the die for shaping the raw material into pellets under the extruding and compressing force. The diameter of the holes range from 2.5 to 10mm, so you can choose the suitable die according to your requirement. Besides, Both sides of the die can be used, which can expand the die lifetime.



Roller parts:

The rollers parts on top of the die parts are made of high quality alloy steel, which makes the roller anti-bearable and no easy to broken. This pellet machine has one set of two rollers. But we can also equip the set of three rollers to meet your needs.

A. Die and Rollers Maintenance

Adjustment of the distance between die and rollers
The space between rollers and die affects the quality of final pellets, which should be 0.1-0.5mm. When it is more than 0.3mm, the output will be lower. If it is less than 0.05mm, it will damage the pellet mill. The best condition is there is no noise produced when we feed the material.

B. New die running-in

The die equipped in the machine is new. So you need to do the running-in step before producing pellets. Things should do are as follows: Prepare 5kg raw material, 1kg sand and 1kg used oil, mix them thoroughly. Start the machine and feed the material, then adjust the bolts with a wrench to check whether the machine works well. After running for one hour, you can start producing pellets with your raw material. If the machine can not produce pellets normally, slightly loose the roller bolts. If it does not solve the problems, please empty the material in the nib with steel nail, then start the machine for re-grinding.

C. Adding oil mixture after working 

When running for a day’s work, after the materials in the chamber finish pelletizing, add the mixture of raw material and 10% oil to the die hole to avoid hole blocking. In this way, next operation will be fast to begin. And in this way, the working life of rollers and die are prolonged.

D. Final pellets application 

The superiority of wood pellets and the drawbacks of conventional fuel are clear to us all. Featured with high caloric value, free of environment pollution, renewability, high bulk density, easy transportation and storage, low moisture content, wood pellets are more and more popular on the market. They begin to be used in many areas like home heating, animal bedding, cat litter, industrial boilers, power plant, etc.


Any Other Questions about Our Pellet Machine? 

With several year’s experience of manufacturing and promoting pellet making machines, we can offer you qualities pellet mills with different capacity. No matter you are looking for a home use, industrial use, we can always meet your requirement. Even you are a beginner of pellet making, we are also pleased to recommend you suitable model according to your specific conditions including your raw material, pellet productivity required. Or you just want to learn more about the machine, free free to contact us. It will be our pleasure to help you.