Introduction of Small Flat Die Pellet Machine 

Flat die pellet mill is getting more and more popular for small scale pellet production with the advantages of small area coverage, easy operation and maintenance, sturdiness and durability, strong adaptability to various materials and cheap price. AZSPLM 200 flat die pellet machine has a 7.5kw electric motor to transmit the move force to the pellet press chamber by gear box. The force drive the die rotate while the rollers stays stationary. This die rolling type is more suitable for soft wood pellets and feed pellets comparing with rollers rolling type. Material is pushed into the die holes as the die spins under the rollers and cut to uniform size by the cutting knives.

Technical Parameters  of AZSPLM 200 Small Pellet Machine

Flat die Dia.(mm)
Wood pellets 110-140 kg/h
 Three-phase voltage:380V 50HZ

Requirements for Raw Materials Used for Flat Die Pellet MachinAZSPLM_200_electric_pellet_machinee

Nearly all biomass materials can be used to make wood pellets, including sunflower husk, saw dust, straw, bagasse, grass, tree branches, rice husk and other biomass wastes. But they are different in size and some of them have high moisture content. As the size and moisture content of your raw materials affect the final pellets quality and pellet mill productivity, there are several things you need to do to prepare your raw material.

Initially you will have to go through some form of size reduction. If the size of your raw materials are more than 5mm, they need to be crushed, which in most cases will require a hammer mill to do so. The second thing you need to do is to make sure the moisture content meet the pelletizing requirement. For this wood pellet mill, the moisture content need to be controlled between 12%-18%. And then, if you want to make quality pellets, you may need to add binders at specific percentages to get high density wood pellets. When you are producing feed pellets, some nutrients or vitamins added will be good for animals’ health and growth. In short, materials size should be less than 5mm and moisture content should be 12%-18% to be pelletized in pellet mill.

Advantages of Portable Flat Die Pellet Machine 

1. Gear box is made of high quality grey cast iron materials, which has low noise and good effect of absorbing vibration.

2. Gear transmission is more efficient than belt transmission. Besides, this design can avoid belt slipping situations when working as well as the shortcomings of belt’s short service life.

3. Bearings are sealed structure which can prevent dust effectively and improve working environment. In this wat, this structure can extend the service life of the bearing.

4. Flat die and rollers are made of high quality alloy steel. The hardness can reach 55-60HRC.

5. Both sides of the flat die can be used. When one side is abraded, you can turn it over and use the other side. In this way, the lifetime of flat die is doubled.

6. This biomass pellet mill occupy small space and can be moved conveniently, which makes it suitable for home use and small farm use.




Operation and Maintenance of Small Pellet Mill 

Azeus electric flat die pellet mills have earned a good reputation for their excellent performance. With good maintenance, the service life can be longer. After you purchase our machine, we will send you the manul.

Inspection before Operation

1. Please check electric motor, electric cabinet and wires to prevent the possibility of electricity leakage. For the operation of the pellet mill, an electrical connections with 3 phase alternating current is needed.

2. Check and tighten all screws and cables to the control unit as before the main power cable is mounted.

3. Before initial operation, lubricating oil should be added to gearbox and all bearings in gear box and other rotating parts properly. Every other three months, you need to lubricate the gear box again..

4. Set the pressure of the machine by adjusting the gap between die and rollers. The distance between roller wheels and die should be controlled within 0.1-0.3mm.

5. After successful connection of the pellet mill, first test the rotation of the die. The rotation direction of the die must be matching with the direction arrow. If the direction is opposite please adjust the electric wire.