Introduction of AZSPLM 150 Small Flat Die Pellet Making Machine


Flat die portable pellet mill is an ideal choice for small scale wood pellets and feed pellets production. When it is used to make wood pellets, biomass wastes like wood sawdust, straw, wood shavings, shell kernel, bamboo, sugarcane bagasse, grass and many other materials can be chosen as the raw materials. Produced wood pellets can be used for home heating and animal bedding. When making feed pellets for cattle, fish, chicken and other animals, it is suitable to process various kinds of grains including soybean, maize, broomcorn, corn, wheat, soybean meal and other grain residues.

AZSPLM 150 pellet machine is designed with a rotating die mould and a set of stationary rollers. This design has good performance in making soft wood pellets and feed pellets. The capacity can reach 90-120kg/h for feed pellets. You can change the flat die to get pellets of different diameter suitable for animals.

Specifications of AZSPLM 150 Flat Die Portable Pellet Mill

 Dia. of die mould
 Packing size
Wood pellets: 50-90
Feed pellets: 90-120


Why to Make Feed Pellets?

As feed industry is developing fast in recent years, traditional feed can no longer meet the market demand. Farmers want to find another kind of feed product which is healthy, nutritious, highly digestible and easy to store. Feed pellets can meet the requirements. During pelletizing, the high temperature produced will cook the raw material and help kill the most harmful bacteria in the raw materials, which makes the final pellets healthier. So feed pellets are good for animal’s health and growth.

Flat die feed pellet mill is more suitable for small farms. Most importantly, in the long run, making ones own feed pellets is much more cost-effective than buying pellets from others, let alone selling pellets to them. Secondly, for farmers, sufficient grain materials for feed pellet making can be got easily. The produced feed pellets can be used to feed their poultry and livestock. Meanwhile, for different poultry, we supply different die mould. Besides, this feed pellet mill is portable and flexible, convenient to move and easy to operate. And the price is quite competitive.

Preparations to Make Poultry Feed Pellets Using Flat die Pellet Mill 

Before using this pellet mill to pelletize your raw materials, you need to make sure they meet the pelletizing requirements. The size of the raw material should be less than 5mm, otherwise, the pellet mill machine will be clogged or the performance will be slowing down. So you may need a hammer mill to grinding the raw materials into smaller particle size. And moisture content control is one of the most crucial steps in feed pellet production because it can not only influence the pellet quality but also pellet machine productivity.

If the starting material is too dry, it often occurs as powder or need to be re-emerged from the discharging chute. If the starting material is too damp, the pellets will be of inferior quality. To make quality feed pellets, you may also need to add binders at specific percentages and ingredients that is best for animal’s growth. After mixing the raw material you use and the ingredients needed for the growth of animals and the moisture content reaches 12%-16%, you can start producing feed pellets with AZSPLM series pellet making machine.

What is the Difference between Feed Pellet Mill for Chicken Feed, Horse Feed, Fish Feed or other Animals?

Small feed pellet mill is such an equipment that makes it easy to make quality feed pellets for your at home. To make pellets for different animals, the pelletizing process is the same. Only the raw materials and the final pellet size is different. That is to say, technically, chicken feed pellet machine generally has no difference with a horse feed pellets mill. So by changing the die mould and adding different nutrients, you can get feed pellets for all your poultry with only one AZSPLM150 pellet making machine.