Introduction of Flat Die Wood Pellet Machine 

Electric flat die wood pellet machine is suitable to process lots of raw materials such as wood sawdust, wood chips, rice husk, wood shaving, wheat straw, sunflower stalk and many other biomass wastes into wood pellets. Due to the features of small area coverage, easy operation and low energy consumption, it is quite popular for home use and small scale industrial production.


Specifications for Small Flat Die Pellet Mill

Flat die Dia.
 40-60 kg/h for Wood pellets
single phase/three phase: 220V 50HZ
/380V 50HZ


Working Principle of this Small Flat Die Pellet Mill 

When materials are fed into the pelletizing chamber through the hopper, they will be pressed into the flat die hole under the extruding force of the rotating die and stationery rollers. Then wood pellets come out of the die holes and they can be cut into the length by the cutting knives according to your requirement. You can adjust the distance between the flat die and knives to get different length you need. Furthermore we can supply dies with different diameters of 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, or10mm to make different sizes pellets and it is easy to change the die.


Features  of Portable Flat Die Pellet Mill 

1. Driven by electric motor,  it is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

2. With simple structure, easy operation and maintenance,  it is quite convenient for home use.

3. The pelletizing chamber is visible, so you can solve any problem in time.

4. Roller and flat die are made from high quality alloy steel, which makes this core part wear-resistant and not easy to break.

5. Both sides of the flat die can be used, thus it is with a long service life.

6. There is a quick disassembling type of die clamp that connects the die and quill flange, which makes it easy and quick to change new die and rollers.

7. Small in size and light in weight makes it quite portable in small scale use.

8. This flat die pellet machine can produce continually with strong fatigue resistance, making it economic and durable.

Why is AZSPLM120 Electric Flat Die Pellet Machine Popular for Farmers?

1. The advantages of wood pellets

As a renewable and environmentally friendly energy, wood pellets are getting more and more popular in the fuel market. Traditional fuels release large amounts of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitric oxide, which pollute the environment seriously. But wood pellets release no harmful gases like sulfur and phosphorus so they are zero pollution. Meanwhile, wood pellets have high calorific value and high purity. The value can reach 3900-4800 kilocalorie/kg. Besides, the ashes of the burnt pellets are good fertilizer with high value, which can be recycled.

2. Abundant raw materialsstraw_pellets

Lots of materials can be used to make wood pellets. Various agro wastes can be used as raw materials such as straw, rice husk, coffee husk, bamboo, wheat straw, rice husk, palm kernel shell, etc. They are easy to get and available locally. The wastes from forestry industry are great source too, including wood sawdust, wood chips, wood branches wood shavings, wood chips, wood scraps, wood twigs, leftover bits and pieces of wood industry and so on.

3. Advantages of this small pellet making machine

This small pellet machine has many advantages over large pellet machines for farmers to make their own feed pellets or wood pellets., It is quite portable; small in size and light in weight, thus it is easier to move. The electric cabinet can control the production. So it is easy to operate and maintain. Furthermore comparing with pellet machine designed for industrial use, it is competitive in price. Therefore, for farmers and those who are new in this industry, AZSPLM120 small pellet machine is strongly recommended.