As we know that grasses can be made into feed pellets for animal feeding. However, nowadays grass pellets also have been a new renewable energy option as wood pellets. They are now being used as a solid fuel in co-fired coal power plants as well as targeted as a choice of feedstock for such advanced biofuels as cellulosic ethanol. AZSP-120D Small Flat Die Pellet Machine can not only be used to make feed pellets but also used to make grass pellets fuel for farmers or bussinessmen.

Technical Parameter of AZSP-120D Small Pellet Machine

Flat die Dia.(mm)
Wood pellets 40-60 kg/h


Features of AZSP-120D Small Pellet Machine

1. With professional and reliable design, this small pellet machine can press pellets evenly and discharge pellets with lower damage. The grass or wood pellets it produces are smooth and even, and are of high standard hardness and heat value.
2. This diesel powered pellet mill machine can be operated at any place even where exists no electricity.
3. The spare parts are stronger and durable (for example, the pellet mill dies are made of 20CrMo or 4CrMo13);  the spare parts are featured with high hardness and are wear resistant after heat treatment.
4. It can be operated easily; it consumes lower energy and less manpower.

120d Gasoline-Engine-Pellet-Mill-Wood-Pellet-Machine-Feed-Pellet-Mill
Application of AZSP-120D Small Pellet Mill

This small pellet machine is mainly for residential or farm use. It can not only produce feed pellets from grasses, grain, and oil cake, etc, but also can make biomass fuel pellets from grasses, wood wastes, agricultural residues, forest residues, etc. Here are three main fuel grasses for making biomass fuel pellets:


This energy crop is a kind of perennial plant. It is of high yield potential on a wide variety of soil conditions; it performs well in improving soil and water conservation and quality. (How to Make Switchgrass Pellets Fuel)


It is a giant, perennial warm-season grass, which is of extremely high yields and is very high cold tolerant.

Reed Canarygrass:

It is a perennial wetland and cool-season grass which is less productive compared to warm-season grass. It can be grown in colder climate and a shorter growing season.

grass_pellets agricultural_grass_fuel_1


Advantages of Grass Pellets Fuel for Residential or Farm Use

Grass pellets are made by pressing the chopped grasses. This AZSP-120 diesel flat die pellet machine can make high-quality grass pellets.

Grasses can be planted on marginal agricultural lands with less input in time and fertilizers; they need less pesticide; modern farm machinery can be used for grass planting; since they are perennials, there is minimal soil disturbance and erosion; grass biomass can be used as renewable biomass source.
Grass biomass provides a new revenue stream for farmers and other land owners. They can be produced into pellet fuel and then consumed locally as residential heating and cooking source, to help poeple become independent from expensive oil, natural gas, propane and electricity.

Energy studies indicate that gains in energy return and reduction of carbon emissions can be achieved with using switchgrass pellets as a biomass fuel. By using switchgrass as heating source, the ratio of output to input is at least of 10:1, compared to other bioenergy sources. A recent study determined that, the herbaceous biomass harvested from one acre of farm land within one year is sufficient to meet the annual space-and- water-heating needs of an average home.
Therefore it is promising for farmers and communities to produce their own grass fuel pellets. They just need to get a biomass pellet mill (sometimes hammer mill or cooler are also needed for different materials or capacity) and then process their biomass residues like grass into fuel pellets.