With the fast development of the animal feed pellets industry and the biomass fuel pellets industry, the pellet machine is more and more popular. As a professional manufacturer of pellet machine, we can supply you durable pellet mills with reasonable price and good performance. No matter you are interested in making wood pellets or feed pellets, our small industrial use pellet machine can realize your pelletizing requirement. AZSP-400D Diesel Flat Die Pellet Machine is one of them.

Introduction of AZSP-400D Flat Die Pellet Mill

AZSP-400D is the largest diesel flat die pellet machine of all the diesel flat die pellet mills offered by our company. Like AZSP-360D, it is an R-type pellet machine too. With the capacity of 400-500kg/h for wood pellets and 900-1100kg/h for feed pellets, it is mainly used in small industrial pellet production and can be used in large farms too.

Specifications of AZSP-400D Small Industrial Use Pellet Machine

Flat die Dia.(mm)
Wood pellets 400-500 kg//h
Feed pellets 900-1100 kg/h


Application Scope of AZSP-400D Small Industrial Use Pellet Machine

wood_pellets1. Biomass/wood fuel pelletizing

A. Raw materials
The raw materials could be hard wood, wood sawdust, wood chips, timber factory wastes, forestry residues, bamboo powder, straws and stalks, cotton seed shells, peanut shells, rice husks and any other agricultural wastes, etc.
B. Features of finished fuel pellets
(1) Small volume. Its volume is about 1/30 -1/40 of raw materials.
(2) High specific gravity. The specific gravity is 10-15 times higher than that of the raw materials.
(3) High calorific value with longer combustion time. The heat value is about 3400-6000 great calories.
(4) Easy storage and transportation.

2. Feed pelletizing


A. Raw materials
The common raw materials are grains, flour mill by-products, oil cakes, cereals, molasses, grasses, hay, leaves and agro-residues such as peanut seedlings, wheat straws, stalks and so on. You should choose the suitable feed materials according to different animals and their different growing stages. If you are not sure about that, we can offer proper feed formula to you for free after your purchasing of our pellet machine.
B. Advantages of finished feed pellets
The finished feed pellets produced by our pellet machine are uniform in size, high bulk density and balanced nutrients with good appearance. These good quality feed pellets actually offer a lot of benefits to the farmers such as decreased eating period, improved palatability, less segregation in the feed and reduced waste, so feed pellets enable the farmers to increase the feed efficiency and the animal performance.

3. Fertilizer pelletizing

This pellet machine can make animal wastes and agro-wastes into pelletized fertilizer.

Features of AZSP-400D Diesel Flat Die Pellet Mill400D_diesel_small_pellet_mill

1. Simple operation, labor saving and low energy consumption with relatively high output, it is most suitable for small industrial pellet production.

2. Low noise, high endurance, good performance with low price, and easy to maintenance, it is advisable for large farms to choose and the families who want to make money by making pellets locally.

3. Without extra cabling, it is safe to operate and it causes no danger to children.

4. Powered by the diesel engine, without the restriction of electricity; and along with the small size and mobility, you can transport it easily to the place where your materials are.

5. Multi-functional. This advantages of AZSP-400D flat die pellet mill especially benefits large farms who can use this machine to make not only feed pellets for chickens, pigs, cattle, ducks, fishes, etc; biomass or wood pellets for heating, but also can make compound fertilizer pellets from animal wastes and agro-residues.