Introduction of AZSP-360D R-type Pellet Machine

AZSP-360D is diesel powered R-type pellet mill. R-type pellet mill is called rotating roller type pellet machine where the rollers turn on the top of a stationary die. This biomass pellet machine is geared lower about 100-150 RPM. This pellet mill can pelletize almost all kinds of materials, such as sawdust, wood chips, grasses, alfalfa, corn stalks, cotton stalks, wheat straws, newspapers, leaves, hay, grains and so on. It makes the harder material like wood material into pellets more quickly and easily than D-type pellet machine.


Specifications of AZSP-360D R-type Pellet Machine

Die Diameter
Packing Size
Wood Pellet: 300-360kg/h
Feed Pellet: 600-800kg/h
360 mm

Roller Driven Pellet Mill Working Principle


Raw materials are fed into the feeding chamber and distributed on the flat die evenly. The rollers driven by the main shaft rotates on the top of the material bed continuously and press the material into the die holes. Then the materials are molded into the cylindrical shape and extruded out after a period of time. The rotary cutting knives cut the pellets into the required size and then sent out by the discharge plate.

Features of AZSP-360D Diesel Flat Die Pellet Machine

1. It applies long diameter rollers, which makes the machine have a larger capacity than D-type pellet machine, high molding rate. The wood pellets made by this machine have good shape, good durability, high hardness and high density.
2. Both the rollers and the flat die have passed wear-resistant process. The two side of the flat die is exchangeable, which extends the lifespan of the machine.
3. All bearings adopt the leak proof structure in order to prevent dust and improve the working environment.
4.The diesel engine along with the electric start-up system makes the start easier and has the stable power supply.
5. Spare parts are easy to change and save the maintenance cost.
6. Simple operation, just one or two worker are enough.
7. The material is visible during pelletizing and it is easy to trouble shooting.

Applications of This Portable Pellet Maker

1. With better function and higher price than D-type pellet machine, it is the right choice for customers who have a strict requirement and flexible budget.
2. This pellet machine is designed with the rotating roller to process a wide range of biomass materials and has high efficiency and long service life; it is great for large farms for making feed pellets.
3. This R-type pellet machine with superb gearbox has a smarter die and roller movement. It has good pelletizing effect of processing wood materials, so it is mostly used in small wood pellets plants.
4. It is more suitable for processing hardwood than D-type pellet machine, so if you have hardwood, this R-type diesel pellet mill is advisable for you to make fuel pellets at home.