Introduction of AZSP-260D Farm Use Pellet Mill

AZSP-260D Farm Use Pellet Machine is a flat die pellet mill which is powered by diesel. Its die is with a diameter of 260mm; and the sizes of holes on the die range from 2.5mm to 10mm. You may choose the suitable one according to your demands. This pellet machine can process various biomass materials and agricultural residues into biomass fuel pellets and make grains into feed pellets. But it is best for processing feed or soft material. Wood or harder material can also be processed, but the output is lower.The pelletizing size of raw material should be not more than 6mm and the moisture content is about 12%-20%. 

Specifications of AZSP-260D Pellet Machine

Mould Dia
Packing Size
Wood Pellet: 220-280
Feed Pellet: 400-600

Raw Materials Include

1. Leaves, shells, grasses, corn stalks, coffee husks, straws, sunflower stalks and husks, alfalfa, grains, wood chips, sawdust, cardboard, and so on.
2. Grains for feed pellets making, like soybean, corn, barley, etc.


Features of AZSP-260D Small Diesel Pellet Maker

1. This small pellet maker is portable. So it can be used at home, and mostly chosen by owners of poultry farm, livestock farm, dairy farm and fish farm, etc.
2. It consumes less energy less manpower. Just one or two workers is OK.
3. It is with simple structure and it can be easily maintained.
4. Its spare parts are durable, so it has a long service life.
5. The electric starter system makes it easy to start this pellet maker;  the diesel engine makes it with stable power supply.


Spare Parts of AZSP-260D Pellet Mill


1. Roller

A. It is made of high quality alloy steel
B. It is resistant to abrasion and breakage

2. Transmission gears

A. They are made of high quality alloy steel; the surface has gone through carburizing and quenching treatment
B. Smooth transmission
C. Low noise
D. Large carrying capacity
E. Low temperature rise and long service life.


3. Flat die

A. Made of high-quality alloy steel
B. Hardness is up to 55-60HRC, corrosion resistant
C. Best pellet die compression ratio, long service life


4. Spindle

A. Heavy trust bearing
B. Support axial force
C. Long life span

Tips on Operation of This Farm Use Pellet Machine

If the raw material is the low-density oily material, when the daily work is finished, the die cleaning would not be required; if the material is wood material or other biomass material, this material must be removed from the die at the end of the production in order to make production start up easier. Or if these materials are left in the die, as the die cools the material inside the die will cool too, then the lignin will stick on the die, which will make the die blocked. Therefore in order to the production start up easier, at the end of the production, a low-density oily material should be processed as the oily material will not stick on the die as hard as other materials. The common used low-density oily materials are wheat bran, flour, corn or barley mixed with vegetable oil.