Introduction of AZSP-230D Diesel Pellet Maker

AZSP-230D diesel pellet machine is a D-type (Die Driven) pellet mill powered by diesel engine. D-type pellet mill is also called rotating die pellet machine, where the rollers are stationary and the die turns underneath the rollers. This pellet press usually rotates at a much faster pace of up to 400 RPM. This is suitable for pelletizing soft and feed materials. In addition, this small pellet machine can process wood material as well but at a much slower rate.


Specifications of AZSP-230D Pellet Maker 

Packing Size
Wood Pellet: 150-190kg/h
Feed Pellet: 300-400kg/h



Application of This Small Pellet Mill

1. This small pellet machine is usually chosen by new pellet producers who plan to make biomass pellets or feed pellets. It is also a good choice for small pellet plant.
2. Since it is driven by diesel, this pellet maker is especially an ideal choice for pellets making where electricity is not easily available.



Advantages of AZSP-230D Pellet Maker

1. This diesel pellet machine is of small structure and it occupies less space.
2. It consumes less energy; it causes less noise and less vibration.
3. This diesel powered pellet mill is with a electric starter, making it easy to be started (The electric starter is optional).
4. Both the roller and die are made of high quality alloy steel.
5. It enjoys a long service life; it can be applied to process various biomass materials and grains.


Working Principle of AZSP-230D Pellet Mill

Driven by diesel engine, AZSP-230D runs in a cycling way. The main shaft and die are driven by the gear to rub with the press rollers. The friction temperature between press rollers and the die can be more than 80℃ and the pellets will be pushed through the holes of die by the press roller at high temperature. Then pellets will be discharged. The length of pellets can be controlled by adjusting the position of cutting blades.