Introduction of AZSP-150D Small Flat Die Pellet Press

AZSP-150D is a kind of small pellet machine driven by diesel engine. This small pellet mill is composed of a set of press roller, flat die, feeder and diesel engine, etc. It is a best choice for home owners, farmers and small businesses owners to make pellets from soft materials. Its specification is shown as below.

Specifications of AZSP-150D Small Pellet Mill

Mould Dia
Packing Size
Wood Pellet: 50-90kg/h
Feed Pellet: 90-120kg/h
Pellet Size: Can Adjust By Your Demand
Warranty: 1 Year

Multi-functions of the Home- use Pellet Mill

Our Diesel Flat Die Pellet Press Mill is multifunctional. Whether your interest is in making feed pellets for your chickens, ducks, rabbits, horses, goats, etc., or making animal bedding pellets for animal stalls, or even making biomass pellets for home heating, AZSP-150D is an affordable pellet machine for you. Biomass pellets are made from compressed biomass materials, for example, crop waste, cardboard, recycled paper, leaves, lawn clipping, grasses or sawdust. By using these renewable resources as raw material, biomass pellets are an excellent green solution for home heating. Here are the instructions for making your own wood pellets from sawdust.


How to Make Fuel Pellets from Sawdust at Home?

Step one

Start the diesel pellet machine and wait a few minutes for the die inside to heat up. The heat will turn the small amount of moisture in the sawdust to steam. The steam in turn melts the lignin in the wood fibres which becomes the bonding agent for pellets.

Step two:

Place a large box under the chute of the pellet mill to catch the pellets as they are formed. Feed the sawdust by handfuls or small shovelfuls into the hopper of the pellet mill. In a few seconds, pellets will begin to fall out of the chute into the box.

Step three:

Allow the pellets to be cooled in the box before you handle them. Then they are ready to be burned in a pellet stove. Store the unused pellets in bags in dry places.

Tips & Warning:

The pellets should be hardy and shiny when they come out of the pellet mill. If the pellets are mushy, it indicates that there is too much moisture in sawdust. So you need to dry them again in the sun or by pellets drying machine. If the pellets are crumbly, it indicates that there is not enough moisture in sawdust. At this time, you need to add a little water with a spray bottle into sawdust and mix them well before feeding the sawdust into the small pellet machine. The proper moisture content should be about 12%-20%. It should take several times to get the correct moisture content.


Specifications for Sawdust 

Key parameter
prCEN/TS 14961:2004
Usual sizes:6mm,8mm
D06, D08
Average length
L≤ 5×diameter
D06, D08
Moisture content
M 10
A 0.5
S 0.05
Mechanical durability
DU 97.5
Amount of fines
F 1.0
≤ 0.3%
N 0.3
Net calorific value
Bulk density
≤ 0.03%
CL 0.03