Introduction of AZSP-300 Combined Pellet Mill

Like the other two combined pellet mill AZSP-200 and AZSP-250, this small pellet production unit is also an all-in-one machine, including the crushing system, air blower and pellet machine.

Technical Parameter of Small Pellet Production Unit

Wood pellets: 250-350 kg/h
Feed pellets: 300-400 kg/h
30 kw
1.8*1.65*1.9 m
700 kg

A. Crushing system

The crushing system adopts the hammer will which can crush the raw materials with the size less than 50mm into 1-3mm power material, before the material entering into the pelletizing system.
(1) Both sides of the hammer flake are impact resistance, so if one side is worn out, you can turn over to use the other side.
(2) By adjusting the gap between hammers and screen, both the coarse and fine materials can be processed, so the feedstuff processing can be realized.
(3) You can change screening sieve according to the different grinding requirements.

B. Air blower

Equipped with air blower, the crushed material can be directly collected and transported to the pellet machine for pelletizing.

C. Pellet machine

The pellet machine is R-type pellet mill which can produce the better quality pellets than D-type pellet mill.
(1) Rollers are set up uniformly to ensure the stable performance and with a bigger compression area, the working efficiency is improved greatly.
(2) It adopts center pressure regulating design, so the die clearance can be changeable in order to process different materials and have a good pelletizing result.



Features of this AZSP-300 Combined Pellet Mill

1. It is small and light weight, which makes small scale industrial pellet production possible.
2. It is mobile and flexible, simple to operation, so it is suitable for home use and farm use.
3. It can be driven by diesel engine or electric motor according to your requirement.
4. It is easy to clean; easy to maintain, the spare parts like die and roller are easy to change
5. Energy-saving and environment-friendly.

Applications of Small Combined Pellet Mill

1. Widely used in household, farms and small pellet industries.
2. It is suitable for making feed pellets for chicken, duck, goose, etc., fuel pellets and fertilizer pellets, etc.
3. Applied to different grains such as corn, wheat, sorghum; and various agro-forestry wastes, such as crop straws, husks, vines and wood chips, and so on.