Introduction of the Mobile Crusher and Pelletizer Combination Machine

As the name implies, this mobile combination machine is all-in-one machine consisting of crusher and pelletizer. The crusher and the pelletizer share the same frame foundation, so you can transport this combination machine easily to anywhere you want to make feed pellets or wood pellets. This mobility along with the small capacity of 200-250kg/h and the low price makes this combination machine popular in household, farms, and small fuel pellets plant, small power plants, small feed pellets plants and fertilizer factory. It is the ideal pelletizing machinery with low investment and high profit.


Functions of This Mobile Crusher and Pelletizer Combination Machine

This crushing and pelletizing combination machine is multi-functional. It can make animal feed, bio pellets, organic fertilizer pellets from the larger materials than the common single pellet mill.
(1) For making bio pellets, the raw material is agricultural wastes like crop stalks and straws, other soft materials and wood materials.

(2) For making animal feed pellets, the raw materials are oil cake, grasses, alfalfa and grains, etc.; for making organic fertilizer pellets, the raw material is mainly animal wastes.

Advantages of Mobile Crusher and Pelletizer Combination Machine 

Compared with the single crusher and single pelletizer, this combination machine has its unique advantages.
1. The crusher and pelletizer of this combination machine can use one motor to drive, thus under the condition of the same output, the consumption of the power is lower than the total power consumption of the single crusher and the single pelletizer.

2. High efficiency. The processed material by the crusher can be directly sent into the pelletizer to make pellets, saving working time.

3. Less floor space. Since the crusher and the pelletizer are fixed on a same frame, the occupied area is less than that of single crusher and single pelletizer.


Technical Parameter

Wood pellets: 200-250 kg/h
Feed pellets: 250-300kg/h
22 kw
1.75*1.6*1.9 m
550 kg

How to Make Birds Feed Pellets by AZSPH-250 Pellet Machine?

Birds Pellet Food nourishes farm and domesticated birds such as chickens, cockatiels and parrots with high concentration of multiple ingredients and nutrients. You can make bird pellets at home from grasses, grains, vegetables and other self-grown organic matter. Creating stable and non-crumbly pellets requires the use of a high quality pellet machine.


AZSPH-250 is the one for you. With the crusher and the pelletizer combined in one machine, it is more convenient for you to make pelleted food for your birds at home. All you need to do is to collect the necessary pellet ingredients.

Common ingredients include shelled corn, roasted soybean, wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa, oats, wheat germ, fruits and vegetables and any necessary vitamin supplements, such as calcium, niacin, riboflavin, vitamin A, vitamin E, or vitamin B12. Add about 1 tbsp. of a natural preservative per 16 oz. of pellet ingredients. Types of natural preservatives include rosemary extract, salt and citrus peel extract.

Without crushing them into powder in advance, just put them into AZSPH-250 mobile crusher and pelletizer combination machine, start the machine, the materials will be processed into powder firstly and then be transported to the pelletizer directly through the cyclone to be pelletized, so the pellets are extruded and cut from a pellet die.

After cooled, your birds can enjoy the nutritious and delicious food. For extra pellets food, you can sell them or store them.