Introduction of Mini Combined Pellet Machine

AZSPH-200 mini combined pellet machine is the smallest and simplest pellet production line which combines the hammer mill and pellet mill as one machine body. This combined machine structure not only saves floor space but also saves labor. This combined pellet machine can be driven by the diesel engine or electric engine, it is up to you. And the hammer mill and pellet mill share the same diesel engine or the electric engine, thus can save energy consumption. All these features of this mini combined pellet machine make it the best pelletizing equipment for home, small farms and small scale commercial pellet production.

Technical Parameter of AZSPH-200 Mini Combined Pellet Machine

Wood pellets: 100-150 kg/h
Feed pellets: 120-180kg/h
15 kw
1.6*1.45*1.8 m
380 kg


What Are the Main Parts of This Combined Pellet Machine?

AZSPH-200 Mini Combined Pellet Machine consists of three parts: Hammer mill, Dust remover and Pellet Mill.



The Working Process of Mini Combine Pellet Machine

The hammer mill is used to crush the raw materials with the size less than 50mm into powder material, the powder size can be 1-3mm; and then the powder material can be automatically sent into the pellet mill through the dust remover to be pelletized. The dust remover can separate the powder material from the dust.

Processing Scope of Raw Materials


AZSPH-200 mini combined pellet machine can be used to process a wide range of raw materials to make animal feed pellets or fuel pellets.
The raw materials are as following:

1. Wood sawdust, tree branch, bark, wood chips, etc.

2. Fruit and seeds hulls like rice hulls, sunflower seeds hulls, peanut hulls, coconut hulls, etc

3. Various crop stalks like corn stalks, wheat stalks, sunflower stalks, soybean stalks, cotton stalks, etc.

4. Herbaceous plants such as grasses, hay, etc.

Requirements of Raw Materials

1. Because this combined pellet machine has the crushing function, so you can put any biomass materials, agricultural and forestry residues whose size is less than 50mm into the machine.

2. The moisture content should be about 10%-13%, or you should dry them under the sun before putting them into the hammer mill.

3. It can not process hard wood and woods with big diameter and the wood thickness should be less than 5mm.

The Size Range of Finished Pellets

Wood pellets: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
Feed pellets: 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm