Rice husk is the major by-product of the rice milling and most of them from the milling is either burnt or dumped as waste in open fields and a small amount is used as fuel for boilers and so on. In these situation, rice husk can not be burned efficiently and also result in air pollution. While how to utilize rice husk efficiently? To process the rice husk into biomass pellets by rice husk pellet mill will be a wise choice to maximize its value. With rice husk pellet mill, you can turn the useless rice husk to one kind of energy resource, even money by yourself.

Rice Husk Pellet Machine

Rice husk pellet making machine is a new developed machine for small scale pellet production, which is innovated from flat die pellet mill. It is specially designed for pelletizing rice husk, rice hull into fine and high quality pellets. With different hole sizes, rice husk pellets of different diameters can be achieved. Customized pellet die is also available. You can purchase our rice husk pellet mill according to your practical needs or tell us your requests so that we can offer you detailed machine information and reasonable suggestion .

For making rice husk pellets for stove heating, cooking or animal bedding, a flat die pellet mill is enough, the capacity of a flat die rice husk pellet mill ranges from 50-500kg.h. You can start from the smallest model of AZSPLM 120 Electric Small Pellet Mill, the capacity of making rice husk pellet is about 60 kg/h, machine fob price is only 850USD, affordable and cost-effective compared buying expensive pellets every winter, right?
The installation and maintenance of flat die pellet mill very simple, detailed manual is sent to you together with machine.



Power: 3kw
Voltage: 220V/380V 50HZ
Capacity: 40-60 kg/h
Dimension: 750*320*610mm

Rice Husk and Rice Husk Pellet Property

Rice husk also called rice hull or rice chaff. Once milled, rice husk is obtained with a very low bulk density. Rice husk pellet is round and pelleted form of rice husk with high density, customized size and stable calorific value. As a source of alternative energy over the usual non-renewable fossil fuels, rice husk pellets have been gaining a lot of interest all over the world.



Average diameter
Ash content
Average density
Moisture content
Calorific value
Rice husk
About 12%
Rice husk pellet

How to Make Rice Husk Pellets

1.Crushing. Crush the rice husk into powder by a hammer mill. Note: the moisture content of rice husks is low, so they are easier to be pressed into pellets. Dryer is not necessary for rice husk pellet production in the common situation.

2.Pelletizing. As rice husk material is light and soft, for large pellet production a ring die rice husk pellet machine with a imperative feeder is recommended. However, for small scale production or homemade, flat die rice husk pelletizer is the most economical equipment which owns high production efficiency to meet your demands.

3.Cooling. The pellets come out of the mill in high temperature and soft. A cooler is used to bring the temperature down and harden the pellets. In small scale production, you can spread pellets out and allow them to cool and dry naturally.

4.Packing. The ultimate process is packing and pellet storage, you can store pellets in a silo or pack them into bags.

Note: For making high quality rice husk pellets, you can consider adding some sawdust and mix with rice husk, as sawdust is rich in lignin which can make the pellets more solid. 

Why Rice Husk Pellets is Favored in the Market 

Rice husk pellets are generally small sized, highly dense and compacted, which make them easy to store and transport. What’s more, the rice husk pellets have no visible smoke at all during the burning. When burning directly, the ash content of rice husk is about 15-16%, while the ash content of rice husk pellet is only about 6-7%. They can be used in stoves(pellet stoves models and most traditional stoves), boilers, heating furnaces and similar heating systems. To avail of rice husk pellet as fuel, it not only solves the trouble of storing the rice husk but also contributes to environment protection as well as saving cost.

If you happen to be living in a place where you can get large quantities of rice husk at very low price or even free, to start the pellet business with a rice husk pellet mill is surely a great idea. Azeus can offer you rice husk pellet mills and complete biomass pellet production plant. If you are interested in setting up a pellet plant or purchasing a pellet mill, please contact us for professional technical guidance