Most peanuts sold in the market are without shells. These large quantities of peanut shells are left as agricultural waste, not being used properly. To efficiently convert useless peanut shells into valued products, the wise and economical choice is peanut shell pellet mill. Peanut shell pellet making machine is the specialized machine for making peanut shell pellets. It can compress raw materials into cylindrical shape pellets in the die holes and extrude them out after a certain period time. Opting a suitable pellet press is vital for peanut shell pellet making.

Why Choose Our Peanut Shell Pellet Mill


Our small flat die pellet mills are just the right size for people who would like to pelletize at home or in a small scale factory. Driven by electric motor or diesel motor, it is designed with the flat die and rollers. The press roller and die are both made of high intensity alloy steel, with the surface treated with the carburizing and quenching technology. The endurance of main shaft, press roller, as well as bearings for main shaft and press roller are much higher. It can process not only peanut shell but also other biomass materials such as rice husk and wood sawdust into pellets without adding additives. You can carry it freely to where you want to make pellets. It is feasible to work for a long time continuously and stably. It is characterized by simple operation, low energy consumption, great capacity and little labor. And all the pellet mills can be customized based on your specific requirements.

Peanut Shell & Peanut Shell Pellet

● Peanut Shell

Peanut shell is also named peanut husk, which forms approximately 25% of peanut mass. It is extremely flammable to be treated as fuel.
Chemical composition of peanut shell

Bulk density
Ash melting point (K)
120-140 kg/m3


peanut_shellsPeanut Shells

peanut_shell_pelletsPeanut Shell Pellets

● Peanut shell pellets

Peanut shell pellet is small columned pellet fuel which is remolded from peanut shell by pellet making machine. Peanut shell pellet has higher bulk density (900-1100kg/m3) than peanut shell (120-140 kg/m3), so it is more convenient to transport and store to lower the cost. Compared with peanut shell for directly burning, peanut shell pellets have longer burning time and higher calorific value. And they release less poisonous gas or greenhouse gas, which is beneficial to the environment. Therefore peanut shell pellet is preferred in the market due to it is clean, and environmental friendly. Either taking peanut shell pellets for personal use or for sale is OK.

Specifications of peanut shell pellets

3800-4200kcal/kg (15.8-17.5 MJ/kg)

Wide Applications
of Peanut Shell Pellets

Peanut shell pellets are widely used in heating, cooking and sometimes for animal bedding.

1. Application in the household cooking and heating system

Using pellet fuel not only improves the thermal efficiency of stove, but also is easy for storage and promotion. Besides the stoves, the application of pellets for concentrated room heating systems is also expected to be promoted.

2. Application in the industrial stove

As the fuel for stove, it has long burning time and high temperature of strengthening combustion furnace, which are not only economic but also has no pollution to the environment with zero emission of CO and SO. The pellets belong to renewable energy and can replace wood, coal and natural gas with about half of the cost for gas.

3. Application in the farm

Now many countries are trying to develop the system of air heating system for drying grain and poultry incubation and cold winter heating system etc, which take biomass pellet as the fuel to replace oil and natural gas for fuel.

4. Application for animal bedding

Biomass pellets as animal bedding can offer superior moisture absorption, keep animals cleaner without dust issues and reduce waste.