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If you are looking for a pellet mill or press for home or farm use, it is a right choice for you to choose us. We have various models of pellet mills to makeĀ  fuel pellets or feed pellets. With a pellet machine, you may make agricultural residues like rice husk, coconut shell, corn stalk, etc., or forestry residues like sawdust, wood chips, wood shavings, etc. into feed pellets or fuel pellets, or animal bedding pellets. Thus you may feed your animals with nutritious pellets or use fuel pellets for home cooking and heating.

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With the skyrocketing price of fuel, an ever-increasing importance is placed on green energy. Thereupon, wood pellets are in high demand. The common materials that you may use to make wood fuel pellets or feed pellets include wood chips, shavings, saw dust, leaves, grain, shells, grass, corn stalks and cobs, coffee husk,straw, alfalfa, sunflower stalk, soybean, etc.

Now it is the best time to make pellets!

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It will be our pleasure to offer you suggestions on how to start making your own wood pellets or feed pellets. With a small pellet press, you are available to make full use of materials easily reachable for you to make wood pellets for home cooking and heating use, and you may also make feed pellets for poultry or ruminants. You are free to make your own pellets at any time, any place (at home or on-farm). Besides, you are free to use what kind of materials to make pellets. What counts is your decisions.

You are recommended to choose a small pellet press to make nutritious feed for animals, since you can mix different materials together and then make them into pellets. By eating pelleted feed, poultry or ruminant are unlikely to pick feed, thus they may get balanced nutrition. Also, the pelleted feed made by your own is more reliable.